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Reverend Su's Basic Beliefs

I do not belong to any tradition or clan, although if pressed, I call myself an Elementalist, meaning I see the world through a four-part lens, not three.  To get REALLY specific, I am a bitheist because I believe that God is the transcendent spiritual aspect of the universe and Goddess is the immanent physical aspect of the universe who was created from God's imagination as a companion.

 I believe that God/dess (the Mother and Father of All) generally tries to keep the big picture of creation going toward a positive, constructive end, rather than entropy. But I do not believe they are all-powerful because they gave up some of that power when they designed creatures with free will. That is why bad things sometimes happen to good people, and vice versa. Many people consider me to be Wiccan.

In terms of magic, I am probably a hedge witch. Much of what I have learned, as a solitary seeker, I have learned through reading and experience (very common in Neopaganism, I have found.)  My basic understanding of the mechanics of magic has developed over time through experience, thought, and discussion with others.  I believe in Bohm's holographic universe, and Higginbotham's Theorem of Paganism.  Many of these terms are defined elsewhere on this site (see "Theology Vocabulary").

  • All of creation is blessed because it is created in Love from the matter and energy of the Mother and Father 
  • All of creation is connected and interdependent
  • All of creation can communicate ~ material creatures, immaterial creatures, rocks, stars...everything.
  • All of creation exists in every space and time; we experience the most probable path
  • We can align the elements of creation to make a desired path more probable ~ this is the Craft, otherwise known as "magic".

Education and Training

  • Associate Pastor at Loxley Abbey Church (2007 to 2009)
  • Our Lady of Enchantment Seminary Priesthood Program Graduate (October 2007)
  • Board Member "Fire" for Church of the Earth in Raleigh (2007)
  • Master of Science in Education (May 2002)
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certification in Music Education NY (December 1997)
  • Episcopalian Youth Minister (1996-1998)
  • Episcopalian Eucharistic Lay Minister Training (March 1994)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music (May 1994), nearly completed minors in Religion and Music Composition
  • Catholic Mass Cantor (1991-1994)
  • Lutheran (ELCA) Convention Youth Delegate (1987-1989)

Why I Do Magic

I do spells mainly to nudge events to my favor, or to empower objects to do the same.  I am especially good at prophecy and divination.  I cast a good circle.

I absolutely LOVE rituals, though.  I celebrate the seasons, and try to make every spell an event.  It helps build power, significance, and it's just plain fun to trot out the trappings of magical work!  I love do-dads in the kitchen and in the classroom, so why not in my magical practice as well?  

I am teaching myself Latin.  I have discovered that it helps me get into the "mood" of doing magic, and therefore makes it easier to break the bonds to my current perceived reality.  I use Latin phrases in every ritual and spell if I can. Or if it's in English, it rhymes!

I value rhyming and song.  They make things easier for me to memorize, and music makes ritual fun.  The most common complaint I hear from Pagans, especially those who have recently come from a Christian tradition, is that they "miss the music."  I am hoping to change that!  See my Neopagan Music page!

To me, prayer is a kind of spell. We gather ourselves into the bosom of All, to become one with the Universe as we communicate our request or thanksgiving. I have started a prayer group on Yahoo called Pagans_please_pray_for that you can post to without joining the group! You only need a Yahoo ID.


Here is my recipe adapted from Betty Crocker for Vegan Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Soy-Free Shortbread Date Cookies (.docx). Enjoy!



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Fun Photos

These photos are from my recent trip to the sci-fi convention, ConCarolinas 2016. Click on the pictures to see more than the thumbnail in a larger version.

Hubby's new Cthulu tee-shirt


Full size Spartan from Halo video game


Mandelorian Mercs made a full size land speeder!


Random cool costume


Harry Potter meets Doctor Who


































Rev Su Leone's Podcast "Magic Review"




SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016
NC State Fairgrounds, Gate 5
Free Admission with canned goods donation!

Pagan Pride Day Raleigh is the third weekend in September!

Special Deals for PPD attendees!

  • Handfasting or Legal wedding ceremony for $40 (not including legal license)
  • Tarot, I Ching, Rune, Lot Casting, Pendulum readings for $10 (for 15 minutes)
  • Baby or child blessings for free!
  • Tarot keychain for first 36 to sign up for the Red Cross blood drive