WRITTEN EXCLUSIVELY FOR BAY HARBOUR MED SPA. COYRIGHTED INFORMATION. DUPLICATION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Lets face it, no matter what the pigment of your skin-layer color may be we all suffer from skin-care issues. However, the treating these issues due differ because men and women of dark or black appearance have certain natural issues that vary from women and men of lighter pores and skin.

If not treated carefully by a specialist who knows and has experience dealing with dark or black skin more harm than good can be caused. BAY HARBOUR MED SPA situated in Miami Beach specifically caters to the skin caution needs of Indian or African-American women and men. Eva Taub has been treating dark complected men and women for over 30 years. Eva Taub started out her career in Czechoslovakia and trained and worked in the Middle-East treating men and women of dark to black skin. With over 30 years of experience in African-American skin, it is conclusive that we now have certain skin care issues that are prevalent amongst dark or black-pigmented men and women.

Acne: Acne in African-Americans can cause resilient discolorations to the skin. It’s important that black skin is treated with an increase of treatment because there are products on the marketplace that can cause pigment damage and the most treatment and knowledge is paramount when dealing with acne have dark skin. Bay Harbor Med Spa carries products that are produced of natural fruit, vitamin, or vegetable extracts that will help fight the bacteria causing the acne safely and effectively.

The etiology of acne is unknown. However, acne can derive from several factors this upsurge in hormone levels. In men androgens or testosterone. In females, androgens respectively. The upsurge in androgen levels can stimulate the essential oil glands to become enlarged and thus more oil production is produced. An elevated oil production can clog the pores with essential oil or sebum (white, dense material) which cause the cell wall space of the skin pores in the skin to breakdown. This process allows bacteria to form and thus breakouts develop. While teens are more vulnerable to acne, women and men in their 20’s-40’s can get acne as well.

Ingrown Hairs of the facial skin and beard (Razor Bumps) in men and women: Bay Harbor Med Spa is the South Florida pioneer in locks decrease treatments specifically geared to treat this issue amongst dark or dark skin. Bay Harbor Med Spa supplies the only FDA laser beam hair reduction technology approved to safely and effectively treat black skin without causing any discoloration to your skin. Another concern in the African-American skin care is ingrown hairs.

While we often believe that this only impacts men, a large variety of African-American women have problems with unwanted undesired facial hair and as a result of shaving they get unpleasant razor bumps. African-Americans have very coarse hair that is curved and often as a result of a detailed shave the curved hair will curl back to the skin leading to painful and irritated razor bumps. Hyperpigmentation of your skin: African American skin has bigger melanosomes (cells that determine skin color) and the melanosomes contain more of the pigment melanin than those with white skin. Due to the protective effect of melanin, African-Americans are better shielded against epidermis cancer tumor and premature wrinkling from sunlight publicity.

Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation is quite common in dark skinned individuals, even after minor trauma. An area of the skin may darken after a personal injury such as a cut or a scrape, or after certain skin disorders such as acne. To avoid or reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, avoid picking and harsh scrubbing.

  1. Mopping floor
  2. Works ideal for all sort of facial scars and scuff marks
  3. Allow the mask for 20 minutes before rinsing with drinking water until clean
  4. Vibrant colour payoff
  5. Use a serum rather than a moisturizer

The only safe treatment to help with this problem is Crystal Microdermabrasion which lightly and gradually (several treatments are required) will abrade (peel from the lime) layers of your skin generating the development of new skin cells. This technique allows for the old epidermis to be softly sloughed off and new epidermis to grow resulting in a lighter skin tone. For 13 years Bay Harbor Med Spa has been dealing with African-Americans with the Crystal Microdermabrasion medical grade machine and the results have been extraordinary. 1037 KANE CONCOURSE. BAY HARBOUR.

It’s not harsh and it makes my skin feel nice and helps prep it for moisturizer. Rata & Co. Chia Seed Oil Eye Cream – That is a brandname from New Zealand. 5.99 at TJ Maxx! My eyesight area can be borderline dry, so I’m always searching for a good eye cream to help that area. 10 MORE than their Aqua Bomb moisturizer… and you get LESS product!). This vision cream is infused with his seed oil (antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties), avocado oil (contains Vitamins A, D & E), and coconut oil (which is the end-all, be-all moisturizer for some).

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