What Is Avogen AS WELL AS THE 302-Product Line? Apogee can be an all-natural lipid or fats from avocados that scientists have recently discovered comes with an amazing ability to cure and regenerate pores and skin naturally. The number 302 identifies the molecular weight of this lipid. 302 which halogen complex is very appealing for many individuals who are looking to live a wholesome, more natural life that is chemical substance toxin-free and free.

Even the fruit-acid peels created by companies like Juice Beauty, while they may be all-natural and chemical-free and work nicely also, have limitations. Halogen and 302, by contrast, are not acids. They are lipids plus they use your surface cells. They are not right away wonders that disclose youthful, bright epidermis instantly.

302 is not a quick fix. But used judiciously and consistently over time, 302 can give you the healthiest, best looking epidermis you experienced in years. Users get the best results from 302 products by using them consistently. Aestheticians who understand and trust them always say that less is more: You don’t have to use 5 or 7 or 10 different cosmetic products to have good pores and skin or to look youthful.

Nor should you slather that person and throat with huge levels of goods and salves and creams and sex and product. Products in the 302 series interact, so using the Calming Mist with the 302 Drops, for example, amplifies the advantage of the Avogen molecule. But you may use any on its own.

  • Why do you use them
  • Spray as a mist
  • Hand & Foot Care
  • Place the arrowroot powder in a little dish
  • Make business credit cards and post them on local store advertising bulletin boards
  • It will not contain Parabens

And it even is advised that you not use the 302 serum every day to get best results. Truly, less is more with 302 products and using fewer products and using those products less does not make them less effective frequently. People who have acne and other facial scars declare that 302 products lessen those scars.

Others swear that 302 reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Basically, halogen helps your skin becomes normal again after many years of chemical substance products and fad-peels everything else you will get in an average drugstore beauty aisle. And because 302 products are natural – they are based on avocado fat entirely! – they don’t damage the surroundings when you shower plus they enter the water supply.