While retail businesses are waiting around anxiously to see whether individuals are feeling less pinched with this big vacation shopping weekend, the lines at the neighborhood food banking institutions have doubled. Small, local businesses have been hurt with the downturn of the economy contributing to the increased loss of jobs and reduced income to local communities.

And yet, small businesses, many of them here highlighted, throughout this downturn have been finding creative ways to help support their local neighborhoods regardless of their own hard times. Several articles here earlier dealt with the necessity for small businesses to understand that one of the most powerful ways for small businesses to grow is giving back to their local neighborhoods. As I described earlier small business can identify local community needs often much better than larger companies and can provide unique opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships to local charities.

Now, small businesses may be obtaining a chance to get in on the weekend shopping madness with the declaration of Small Business Saturday. Saturday This, November 27th comes a national motion, via American Express, to operate a vehicle shoppers to support small businesses called Small Business Saturday(SM). This day was created to support the small businesses that create jobs, boost the economy, and protect neighborhoods around the united states. 25 statement credits(1) to 100,000 Cardmembers who register their Card and utilize it to shop on Small Business Saturday at any locally-owned, independent small businesses that accept American Express. 500,000 in Facebook credits for these small business owners to use in the foreseeable future.

Small business owners can also download online promotional materials and use a number of social press tools to market their businesses on the inaugural Small Business Saturday. Everyone can spread the term about your day and a common business by giving a shout-out with their favorite local shops and restaurants via Facebook and Twitter. 500,000 to Girls Inc. to enable young women to be the business owners of tomorrow.

There are excellent reasons to aid local businesses and here are the four reasons their site provides. 68.00 results to the community. Small Businesses employ over half of most private sector employees. Small businesses represent over 99% of all employer firms. Within the last decade, 60-80% of new careers were produced by small businesses. As small businesses develop they can give more back to their community. In my area, in Palo Alto, CA an area men’s clothing store, Patrick James is hosting an annual food drive until Nov.30th. Customers who bring canned items to any Patrick James store obtain 15% from that day’s purchase. 25.00 credit from American Express.

Let there be no doubt about the fact that the American Express Small Business Day is a strategy to boost the use of American Express credit card during the holiday season while looking to boost sales for local small businesses. This is not designed as a criticism, as this move is purely strategic and could end up being a benefit for the local small businesses.

Partly since it can be so hard to hang to customers, the administration and the areas have centered on making their websites more consumer-friendly this season. Consumers have until Jan. 31 to sign up for coverage. -Auto reminders to get into Public Security immigration and numbers information, critical details that help the government verify eligibility and stop cancellations weeks later.

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-Call-center help for customers bedeviled with a maddening glitch that can have them locked out of their accounts. This can happen to people who no longer have access to the e-mail accounts originally used to create their coverage. -An out-of-pocket expenditure calculator customized to different degrees of medical use.

This feature can help people calculate how their deductibles and copayments will soon add up to total annual costs under different health plans. At the same time, there’s a lot of unfinished business. Doctor and prescription look-up tools which were supposed to be showcase improvements this year are still in final screening and could grow to be lower than reliable. Elizabeth Lukanen of the State Health Access Data Assistance Center at the University of Minnesota.

I’m sorry, but I don’t desire to be an emperor. That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or overcome anyone. I should prefer to help everyone – if possible – Jew, Gentile – dark man – white. Most of us want to help each other. Human beings are like this. You want to live by each other’s joy – not by each other’s misery.