The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have new receptors, with lenses featuring f1.8 and f2.8 apertures – brighter than the 7 Plus telephoto – in the iPhone 8 Plus. They have new color filters also. Studio room light includes dropping the background completely to black out. “From our BOM analysis, we can see that Apple invested heavily in the camera capabilities of the iPhone 8 Plus due to the increase in component costs,” said Wayne Lam, principal analyst, mobile networks and devices for IHS Markit.

The Danish concept of Hygge – being inviting, and content – has been popular in the U.S. Design in all spaces and sizes. Whether you’re still holding onto your dream of a tiny home or you simply can’t afford a more impressive apartment, interior design is trending toward emphasizing conscious design in every space – not merely the palatial homes of the wealthy.

For example, Pottery Barn launched its small space collection, PB Apartment, in early 2018 to focus on customers who’ve less space to deck out. You’re also more likely to see a growing number of companies offer furnishings and design aesthetics that serve some purpose and can be utilized in a number of rooms. Avoid being scared to be strong. Everyone’s comfort level is different, but those who are willing should feel free to embrace a bold, or eclectic look at home in the coming. HGTV star and interior designer Taniya Nayak say to look for bright accent colors, such as jewel tones and colors that contrast – think blue and orange – and don’t be afraid to layer.

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“I love doing paint techniques, and I really like wall structure coverings too, but some individuals are really petrified of wall coverings,” says Nayak, who companions with FrogTape painter’s tape. Shades of green will almost everywhere pop-up. Year Expect interior designs to pull more inspiration from nature in the coming, bringing lively green into the foreground.

Starmer is predicting different tones of green to become more visible not just in home design, however in fashion as well. However, she warns that you should keep texture and light in mind if you decide on a color for a space. “A color of emerald may look fabulous on a velvet-covered chair but hideous on the wall structure of a bathroom,” she says. Neutrals are warming up.

Gray, stark white, and the gray-beige combo color “greige” have been go-to neutrals for a few years. But Starmer says neutral shades in the house are going to warm-up as people turn to evoke the sensation of more natural configurations in the home. “Neutral and natural colors now have to be gentle and warm just like a favorite cashmere sweater – or the color of a baby deer,” Starmer says. Capturing these neutrals with natural items like wood, real rocks and ceramic pieces help “counteract our very unnatural life styles,” she says.

Floors are receiving more natural. In 2018, dark timber floors have been on the decrease, according to Lee Crowder, design model, and gallery branding supervisor for Darling Homes, a subsidiary of homebuilder Taylor Morrison Inc., based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Looking to 2019 forward, wood floors should continue to stay on the lighter side, but many manufacturers are noting that a matte end is gaining popularity, which makes the ground look more natural.

Recycled and built wood remain a more sustainable option to the typical hardwood floor, and manufacturers are even increasing all of the vinyl fabric or tile flooring that convincingly look like real real wood. Combined metals are a glance officially. Locating the perfect match to existing hardware in your bathrooms or kitchen can be difficult, which is part of the reason why mixed metals started trending to start with.