I wanted to post a little about my walk in faith through this weight reduction trip. As you can tell, it isn’t easy. Those who are trying to lose weight yourselves, you understand how challenging it is. A complete lot of people have asked me where I find my motivation.

I find it in a number of ways but the most crucial way is my beliefs in God’s plan. God has reminded me over and and over again which i cannot do this only over. I have to let him guide my steps and actions and I must trust that his arrange for my life is perfect. I have committed myself to memorizing a verse a week. Right now I am starting with small verses and hopefully will work my way up.

I know the closer my relationship with God becomes, the more he will bless my life in a multitude of ways. I will be the first ever to let you know that my walk with God has not been easy. I’ve experienced my talk about of troubles and I understand I will continue to face bumps in the street.

I am taking my walk with God daily and realizing that I am closer to him today than I used to be yesterday. I wanted to talk about some verses that have impacted my entire life over the last few months. I hope that they will talk with you in a few real way.

God is continually reminding me to trust him. Through my weight reduction journey, I have to put my rely upon him, knowing that he is in control of this trip I am on. This is a verse which i daily remind myself of. Out of all the things I have been able to accomplish in my 25 years, I’ve never been able to accomplish my weight.

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  • All the low-cal, low calorie stuff is perfect for the taking there, whether it’s food or drink
  • Jump with your feet and spread your legs while keeping them straight
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  • It’s full of goodness

I have battled with it since I used to be a little girl and it has only received worse as I’ve gotten older. I must remind myself that NOTHING, yes There is nothing impossible with God. This weight reduction goal of mine can be done and I’ve faith that I am going to reach a wholesome weight one day!

I desire to be the Proverbs 31 for my hubby, Shawn. I want to provide him with everything God designed for me to provide. One of the things I have to do is look after myself therefore i can take care of our future family. This verse is a reminder that even on times after i don’t want to just work at losing weight, I need to because I have to be strong for the tasks I have forward as a wife and mother. I am going to work vigorously on my weight loss goal and can end up being strong enough to complete the jobs ahead of me.

I know that as long as I keep God in my own life, he shall work for my good. I honestly believe that sharing my weight loss journey with others is a purpose he has given me to fulfill. I never once thought that I’d ever have a blog that would share the ups and downs of my weight.

I used to keep my feelings and emotions about any of it to myself but it was set on my center last year to place my story out for the world to see. I hope that I am in a position to motivate others to do great things and to accomplish their goals. I also know that God has put each and every person in my own life for a reason and purpose.

I have been blessed beyond anything I possibly could have ever imagined by taking with this weight loss journey. This is my all time favorite quote an one that has inspired me throughout my weight loss journey. I want to be transformed and I understand the transformation God has in arrange for me is likely to be incredible!