If your company comes with an app, or your business design is an app, sooner or later you’ll have to localize your app for different markets. App localization is not a little task and should definitely never be an afterthought. You’re missing out on an enormous slice of the pie if your application isn’t localized for different worldwide markets. Smartphone users spend around 85% of their time using apps on their phones, than browsing the web rather. But your application needs to be well thought out in terms of functionality extremely, localization and usability.

Competition in this high-growth area is burgeoning daily as everyone clamors to become listed on the app party. So, there’s no available room for a sloppy foreign market version. If you produce time-management software, fitness programs, or making white noise for babies, you should concentrate on your key business probably. Call in a specialist team for your application localization. Once you’ve selected the best partner, App Store Optimization (ASO) must be factored in right away.

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If you want your application to be seen among the millions (actually, billions!) of others in the App Store, ignore ASO at your peril. WHAT’S App Store Optimization (ASO)? As you’ve guessed by now, App Store Optimization (ASO) is like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The primary common thread between your two is based on the idea of content optimization.

You want to ensure that your localized app’s resources are optimized, which essentially means that you maximize out of these. Your app’s content, descriptions, text, and images should be priming to get more visibility. What does more visibility lead to? Greater downloading. What do more downloads indicate?

Bigger sales. In the end, what’s the idea of styling nice hair and gaining your very best suit if you’re going to remain at home? Why waste materials, resources, and time designing the perfect app, if it’s heading to be the wallflower at the party? App Store Optimization (ASO) is a means of ensuring that your app satisfies ranking requirements and increases to the very best of search results in the App Store or Google Play. If you know that customers are looking for a weight-loss application and you also haven’t included the keywords “weight loss”, you’re going to flunk your first ASO course.

But if you’ve primed your application for iOS and Android in your home country (good for you!), you’ll also need to do the same for your localized app. Because they don’t say “weight loss” the same manner in Colombia, France, or Morocco. Users won’t be looking for the same terms. Even if your application is localized to respect cultures, ideology and languages, if you haven’t focused on international ASO for both systems, then you’ve failed your next class.