Blogger: This is my basic essential success tool for writing my sites. As I look around more I realize it’s most likely not the best tool in the world for creating blogs, but it’s certainly an easy tool to use and one which does the work well and doesn’t cost anything.

2. Second Life: I appear to have gotten drawn into Second Life, despite the fact that it’s miles from my most liked virtual world, and I rent my own work place there now. NVU: This is a new tool that I’ve started using recently for web management and development. I have been using DreamWeaver for quite a while quite, but made a decision to make the change to a free of charge tool that I possibly could use on both PC and MAC as my duplicate of DreamWeaver became more and more outdated and unstable. So far it’s worked out pretty well and the training curve has been fairly simple to cope with.

Instapaper: This is another free tool which I use nearly every day. It’s a sort of mix between a temporary favourites web page and an annotation / bibliography tool. It generates a little plug set for my Firefox job pub and whenever I place something I want to read I select a read later button which saves the hyperlink to my Instapaper page. Then when I have a while I can go and go through the articles and either delete them back, annotate them as a bibliography or leave them as read just.

  • Example CVs and cover characters
  • PLA ads unveils your competitor’s advertisements information
  • Click “Increase Menu.”
  • 8″ x 10″, colored pencils on Arches HP
  • Software: Microsoft Snip
  • 8 years ago from San Francisco
  • A USB cable for the phone you’re blinking
  • Dispenser module

Stumble upon: That is one of my most liked plug ins for Firefox. It’s a terrific way to find new sites and I use it when ever I have a free minute. You can create your own favourites web page and share the websites you find as well as adding new sites and researching them.

Google Browser sync for Firefox: That is another great plug in for Firefox and it allows me to sync history, favourites, passwords etc across my Firefox browser on any computer. I frequently have a MAC and PC operating at the same time and so this retains all my browser information synchronised without me needing to do anything apart from set up the plug in. Google analytics: That is a terrific way to track stats for websites and weblogs etc and it’s free. Hottnotes: Juggling lots of different tasks along with family commitments and operating my very own business can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. Hottnotes really helps me keep on top of things and remember those conferences and phone conferences.

I can create post-it type reminders for my desk top or to-do lists and program these to remind me when specific tasks should be achieved. Essential stuff, only a shame there isn’t a MAC version. BBFlashback: This is the only tool in my top 10 that I have actually paid for. It’s a program for recording screen cast lessons and I’ve used it for all the tutorials on my blog.