I am going to talk about one of the primary things I deal with as a Personal Trainer, “Weight Loss”. For most people who are obese losing the extra pounds can be hugely difficult. There are most likely hundreds of reasons “sorry I designed to say excuses”, and I have heard all of them before, but we earned`t go into that in this article. If you wish to lose some weight, are a few things you should consider here.

1. Ask yourself how much do you want to lose weight? Could it be worth sacrificing some of your preferred foods/alcohol that is not so healthy? 2. Are you ready to put in some extra effort? 3. Will you start/ boost your exercise levels? 4. Do you have your weight-loss goals on paper?

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  • Engaging in Daily Workout
  • 1rm: Bench press
  • 12:00 – 1:30 PM
  • 40 Second Active Intervals, 10 Seconds Rest among each

People who write them down are more likely to achieve success. 5. If you have tried to lose weight before why achieved it not work? 6. Week Can you write down a healthy diet for 1? Try this right now if you want. If you cann`t then you need some education regarding what foods are good as well as how to plan them into the daily meals.

7. If you have a food plan you will follow, will you be able to stick to it for the rest you will ever have? If not, then your weight will probably return back up. As an individual Trainer I understand precisely how daunting an activity it can be to shed those unwanted pounds and I will now give you a few tips to help you on your journey to a healthier happier you. 1. Exercise on a clear stomach if possible, this can help you burn up to 300% more fat.

2. Instead of doing long slow cardio sessions to make them more do and extreme interval training I.e. 40 mere seconds fast 20 mere seconds recovery, adjust times to match you fitness level. 3. Include some type of weight training into your program as this will also boost your metabolism (burn more calories) for up to 48hrs after you complete your workout. 4. Set yourself some fitness goals and monitor your progress.

5. Keep a food journal. 6. When you have a bad day don`t let that put on a negative week get right back on track the very next day. There is a huge selection of other tips, I will be sharing in later articles as well as some Rapid WEIGHT LOSS workout videos, which will really get your body burning up fats. I hope this post can help you in some real way to get that healthier lifestyle, reduce weight, look good and live longer.

So when things start going wrong with your liver, you can sure expect your wellbeing and other functions linked into the liver to decline with them…one of these is your ability to get rid of fat. The liver is an amazing organ (, and one you can’t do without) but is not indestructible. Once overcome it will start breakdown with impaired enzyme creation (key for thyroid, protein usage and fat-burning), bile development and keeping hormonal amounts (estrogen in charge). If you’re experiencing weight gain (and trouble slimming down), bloating, high blood pressure, fatigue, or raised cholesterol, these could just be a few indications that your liver is being confused and needs your help!

“INCREASE”…means make your FAT REDUCING Metabolism Running Strong! Many people are obese to eat any food…so while calorie deficit is needed to lose weight hardly, it’s only in relation to how optimal the overall metabolism is working in the first place. Have a hampered liver and it will adversely impact your fat burning metabolism also. A wholesome liver with help you burn and discard of excess fat…compromised one will slow down that process.