Before we jump onto our 17 best WordPress security plugins for 2019, let’s do some groundwork first! Now WordPress might be the best CMS around, but it’s not perfect. A website on WordPress is amazingly easily affected, so if you’re using the CMS with a laid approach regarding security back, it’s like walking on slim ice. There could be loopholes in your website that hackers are well alert to and believe me, they do not waste a good chance to sabotage a site to its core.

Let me put some facts before you to give you a clear notion of WordPress’s security and how it’s so easily jeopardized. Hackers have penetrated into WordPress websites using unorthodox fashion as well. Not long ago, a group of hackers launched a coordinated strike on WordPress admin sections through… wi-fi routers. However, before you even think of setting up security plugins on your WordPress site, ensure that you’ve used all the measures to secure your website. For example, you need a secure hosting solution to avoid any kind of vulnerability that comes with website hosts.

You can pick one of our recommended hosting answers to avoid choosing the wrong web host for your WordPress site. Once you’ve ensured other security methods are set up, you’re ready for another important step. WebARX is principally known because of its advanced Web Application Firewall that improvements automatically to prevent plugin and theme vulnerabilities and can be installed in under a minute. With WebARX you can block destructive bots and hacking attempts, prevent malware attacks, secure your website from plugin vulnerabilities, and protect your website from brute-force episodes.

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  • The set up speed (some are free, others one-time payment)
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  • Click Pair or complete the pairing process per your operating system’s instructions

Different monitoring options in the plugin keep you aware of what’s taking place with your website and that means you can keep everything current and avoid any kind of vulnerabilities. WebARX is utilized by more than 3000 designers and digital agencies worldwide and has a 95% 5-superstar rating on its Trustpilot web page.

While WebARX is also available for other CMSs like Magento & Drupal, developers say that it works the best with WordPress, and that means you can’t go wrong with this security system. MalCare originated after examining over 240,000 WordPress sites, so they did their research and understand the type of security a website requires deeply.

What MalCare really does is that it includes layered security and finds concealed and complex malware at the earliest to be able to clean your site before it gets blacklisted by Google. The pro version is more effective in protecting and cleaning your site, of course. Aside from each one of these security actions, MalCare also offers white-labeling and client reporting options if you take care of websites for other folks.

Without any doubt, it’s among the best WordPress security plugins out there. If you’ve been through other lists of best WordPress security plugins, I could promise that Wordfence made an appearance on the top of several such lists probably, and for good reasons. Wordfence is one of the very most popular (an argument can be produced for ‘the most popular’) security plugins for WordPress.

With over 2 million energetic installs, this plugin continues to get the trust of millions of WordPress users worldwide. The plugin has a nifty live traffic view which allows you to see traffic updates in real-time and any hack efforts being made on your website. It includes preventing features that stop attackers in real-time and blocks whole malicious networks that can be a threat to your site and once of the good reasons why it is utilized by government militaries worldwide.