Many who make the switch have used mainstream makeup products and skin care products for years, so they’re in a really good position when they tell you their skin looks amazing and they’re going to never switch back. Exactly what does this say about mainstream moisturizers? You may be lulled into believing mainstream moisturizers are better than an all natural moisturizer because “the ads say so” – and dread not as you’re not the only one tricked into thinking the media hype.

The fact is it’s not an improved product than a natural moisturizer because it contains these fancy chemicals. For one thing nanotechnology does mean more poisons get deeper into our skin which is NOT a very important thing. So it is no wonder those that are making the switch to natural skin care (truly genuine natural skin care – not pretend natural) are finding the huge benefits and realizing the difference in the appearance of their epidermis.

They’ve made the turn to skin care that REALLY DOES moisturise, hydrate and reduce fine creases because the wholesome ingredients in them are designed by nature to do just this! So don’t be fooled with what you observe on TV and what the superstars are PAID to tell you. Switching to natural skin care is noticeably better for you and your body. If you’re not already using natural skin care what’s stopping you? Did you purchase your skin care from a store? Then probably it is not natural / 100% natural, even if it is claimed to be.

  • Increases shine
  • Increase in caffeine which is definitely something you want to avoid if you can
  • Stone Men
  • Warmth or swelling
  • Careline Contour Stick for creating shadows

Then the prophet PBUH said after he completed Jibraeel AS reveals two utensils. One of these is milk, another is wine beverages. Remember, until this time wine beverage is halal. So Jibraeel AS hands him these two and Jibraeel AS affirm “choose and decide for your ummah”. Therefore the prophet PBUH chose the dairy and Jibraeel AS said “you have chosen the fitrah”. Which is a serious and symbolic incident greatly. Milk comes pure from the pet “from between your filth and the blood”. Pure, wholesome milk for individuals who drink it and the faith affirms “nothing substitutes for both drink and food except for milk”.

So milk is an enormous blessing from Allah that the prophet PBUH used to love. It is healthy and nutritious – what’s wine? Wine is corrupted, fermented, filthy. It’s something that was pure and then bacterium have contaminated it. Wine literally stinks. And what does it do? It is nourishing, wholesome?

No – it corrupts you. It makes you respond foolish. One of the sahaba said if wine was not prohibited “even, any man with intelligence would avoid it”. Compare and contrast what’s dairy of what is wine beverage. The prophet PBUH find the pure that originated from the pure and which makes one pure. This is against wine beverage which are corrupted, originates from the corrupted, and makes you corrupted.

And the prophet PBUH said “every child exists on the fitrah” – just like Jibraeel AS said “you’ve chosen the fitrah (for your ummah)”. So the prophet PBUH find the milk and now the prophet PBUH says “the entrance doors of the samba (globe) exposed for me personally”.

So now this trip so far, from masjid al haram to masjid al as in al Isra. The next quest to the heavens in the way Mi’raj. Note the Biraaq is still tied to the post, after the heavens journey the prophet PBUH use Biraaq to return to Mecca. After this the prophet PBUH narrates Jibraeel AS asked permission for the doors of the heavens open. Plus the gatekeeper asked “who is it?” And Jibraeel AS said “It really is Jibraeel”.

He said “Do you have anyone with you?” He said “yes, Muhammad”. The keeper said “has he been provided for?” Jibraeel said “Yes he has an agreement to pass”. As well as the entrances exposed then. This shows there are doors to the heavens that are locked with gatekeepers. And because these are angels and they cannot lie, there is absolutely no special code – since Jibraeel AS said yes, it opened up. And for every one of the seven heavens this identical conversation happened. Before moving on we shall describe what these seven heavens are – what is samba and what is manna?