Here is my current thinking about idealism vs. I am in my home office looking within my computer, surrounded by my books. How do I know this: I cannot absolutely, but it seems fair, at least right now, to refuse every choice hypothesis (for example, that I am actually taking a look at a virtual fact world).

I am, as Dewey places it, a live creature getting together with my environment. Let’s simply take that as a given. The world I experience myself as I am traveling, for example, is a global world that exists and to which I have access through my senses. It really is one part of a larger world to that I do not have access through my senses, for example the sub-atomic facet of that world. Modern science is the best way to understand the world I’ve usage of through my senses, as well as the larger world to which sometimes I have no access through my senses.

Yet, the global world of modern research is not, and I am following Nelson Goodman here, the only path the global world is. There are different ways, and this brings in the pressing issue of idealism. So where is there room for idealism? Much of my entire life is spent making and contemplating such representations. These representations are ways of seeing the world, and they present ways the world is.

Moreover, although I’ve usage of the global world sensuously, I only focus on those aspects of the world that are appealing to me and that match certain categories I commonly use. So, although what I see and in any other case experience is the global world, the arrangement that originates from choosing what I take a look at, and how I build my very own internal map of this global world, is influenced by ideas.

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One could say that I view the real world through various idea worlds, where in fact the second “world” refers to world maps. To ignore the pervasiveness of all of the representations that mediate my relations with the physical world is to ignore this fundamental truth, the real intuition of idealism. An interesting problem for stringent realists (realism that excludes the intuition of idealism) is that I cannot say or think anything about real life without using representations. Even if I say, “This is a chair” I am using ideas such as “chair” and all of the complicated grammatical ideas associated with the method “this is a” to get this done. A second facet of idealism is belief in something like Plato’s Forms. Nor do I accept the theory that something mental or spiritual is the foundation of all things. And yet, in a strange way, I am as much an idealist as a realist.

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