I am so lazy to examine makeup stuff nowadays but I received a request to examine my KVD Lock It Tattoo Foundation so here it is! I bought it in color medium 54, which is the same as MAC tone NC30 & Estee Lauder Double Wear Tawny for RM179. In my opinion, the prices are a wee bit disappointing because it was priced a lot greater than it ought to be. Alright note this- the price of KVD Lock it Tattoo in Sephora US is USD35 (RM179) whilst the Too Faced Born This Way is USD39 (RM152), so not believe this foundation wasn’t fairly priced?

I would expect a significant upsurge in Too Faced Foundation next yr lol, I don’t know. A by Marc Jacobs ReMarcable proceeded to go from RM225 to RM250 in under. RM225 this year, can you believe that? Anyway back to review, the product packaging itself is very fairly and a pump is acquired because of it which is always a good thing. The shade range is huge, however I think they have significantly more of yellow-based tones than any other bass tones.

It has a matte end and I’d not advocate it to people who have extremely dry epidermis because it clings on my dry areas and my pit marks. It is an exceptionally high-coverage foundation and it handles to hide my skin staining. This base also is applicable best with beauty blender where it would shade down the coverage (if you are not a cakey-all-the-way kind of young ladies). It could last for 3 to 4 4 hours on my greasy skin. Would I repurchase this? I will, sephora is out of base for me to put on once.

  • People with reasonable skin, who’ve a inclination to freckle and burn off easily
  • Don’t pick or press the acne
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol to avoid dehydration
  • 5 years ago from America
  • Are you ashamed to have anyone come to your home

God has given us the same job He provided to Ezekiel. He has told us to get into all the global world and make disciples for Him. But Lord, these are corpses just! They may be dead in sin, so how can they be produced alive? But God’s work is not completed at regeneration. It proceeds through sanctification, that divine work of the Holy Spirit where He styles us and molds us into the image of Jesus Christ.

As He sanctifies us, He makes us holy; He makes our lives a reflection of what He has announced us to be: the righteous people of God. And how does the Spirit accomplish sanctification in us? The same manner He accomplishes regeneration in us: through the term of God. And God shall continue His work of sanctification in us until it is completed flawlessly.

That won’t happen in this life. So then, what shall we do? We must not take such an expressed term as this for granted! No Peter indicates two duties we have to the Word here. First, in 2:2, we ought to miss it. We should desire this Word as though it was more important to us than food. And in fact, it is.

Jesus said, “MAN SHALL NOT LIVE ON BREAD ALONE, BUT ON EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDS FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD” (Matthew 4:4). That is our dairy, it is our meat, it is our loaf of bread. We will starve without it. So we need to feast upon it at every opportunity.

We do this by reading it, hearing it read and proclaimed, studying it comprehensive, memorizing it, meditating on it, as as possible often. And secondly, Peter tells us in 1:22 that we must obey this Word. The purpose of hanging out in the Bible is never to accumulate more facts. It is to change our lives, and this is only possible as we obey what we should find in the portrayed term.

And even as we long for the Word and obey the term, we will find the Spirit of God grows us inside our faith and transforming our lives for God’s glory. Are you experiencing confidence in the Bible as God’s Word? Have you were brought because of it to conserving beliefs in god, the father of Jesus Christ? Is it at the job in your daily life shaping you to are more like Christ? Do you long for it? Do you obey it? This is the word which was preached to you.