I’m pretty sure this mini-test appeared in one of my BirchBoxs lately but I cannot quite remember which one. Either way, that’s irrelevant haha. I have been conserving this little sample to use while on my honeymoon in the Maldives. Sunscreen for that person. FYI, SPF means ‘Sun Protection Factor’, this means that the amount of safety from UVB rays.

While PA shows the level of security from UVA rays. The more ‘plus’ symptoms you have after the PA highlights the greater protection you get from your sunscreen. The first thing for me to mention is that I hate applying sun display to my face. Not because I don’t desire to be protected from the sun, but because I am so prone to breakouts. Sunscreen is a dual-ended sword for me personally really. Do I risk breakouts but protect my skin from harmful rays, or do I forgo sunlight attempt and safety to keep my pores and skin place free?

  1. Depleted immunity or being ‘run down’
  2. Egg – 1 Nos
  3. Characteristics of the bed, including presence of side rails and distance of bed from the floor
  4. Specialized contouring techniques for reducing how big is your nose
  5. You eat better
  6. Avoiding scratching and massaging the area
  7. 1/2 cup of honey

So when I received this little test, I thought GREAT! I understand that Benefit products don’t give me break outs and I have to keep my epidermis safe. The Maldives is directly on the equator, so even when it generally does not look sunny, your skin is still at risk of being damaged.

At age 24, my skin is fairly up and down as it pertains to areas still. While on honeymoon, my skin was needing to look good pretty. The sunshine and lack of make up seemed to be doing its trick at helping my skin look young and spot free. So what happened, what I applied the power Dream Screen? My skin was left looking and feeling very soft and smooth and even quite matte!

The method is quite slim and glides on really properly. If anything, this is more like a face cream than a sun screen. REJOICE spot-prone friends! Someone has finally come out with a sunscreen, it doesn’t make you feel greasy, all day buckle and leave you worrying about what’s being ingested into your skin pores.

The lightweight structure means that you can leave your room since fresh, oil free & most significantly secured from the sun. And think about the smell? Unlike most sunscreens, the smell of Dream Screen is not overpowering whatsoever. It smells magnificently fresh and light. And it’s really protecting ability?