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We pride ourselves in providing our patients the very best in dermatological care. All of our Salem, Wilsonville, and Keizer dermatologists at Dermatology Clinic offer years of experience in dealing with many types of epidermis conditions. Our staff is trained to respond to our patients’ needs in the most caring and passionate way possible. If you need a dermatologist, come experience for yourself what so many of our patients know – that at Dermatology Medical center already, we treat you like family from check-in to checkout.

  • Limit the effects of sunlight
  • Replace aerosol sprays and removers with wipes
  • Look to the Stars (Emilie Loring)
  • Enzyme Exfoliators
  • Claims statement
  • Infection control

Deeper Skin shades – Our fave picks! I love deeper skin shades! I use so many types of women and lots of the time I do not get to take photographs of my work on women with deeper skin tones. There’s a few photos on my Instagram however, not a lot.

I would love to work more with women of color for photoshoots especially because that it is one of my strong factors. I know the best products out there for you beautiful medium to dark skin ladies! I pointed out that there is never anything on the marketplace for ethnic skin growing up, when I’d go to drugstores the building blocks and colour options were not a lot of. It went from very fair to tan and even the tan seemed off in tone. Luckily now in 2016 we have a complete lot more brands that cater for ethnic women.

One of the brands that has stood out to me for a long period is a British brand that goes on the name of Sleek Makeup products, It started off small so only certain people would listen to about it. Growing up around beauty and makeup I did hear about it early and saw the brand evolve.

I am so deeply in love with this brand since it is MADE for ethnic women. From your rich tones of their shadows the the pigments of their loose shadows! We heard they are releasing a cream contour package and we are so thrilled to let you know about it. Whether you are a deep skin tone person reading this or a makeup artist you have to check them out. Remember that curves are meant to be COOL tones, I’ve described this in a few blogs, they imitate the natural shadows of the real face. Sleek cream contour kit in Dark.

Creamy consistency, easy to blend with a brush or beauty blender, best results over basis. The color range goes from fair to dark and comes with a highlight colour. ONCE I swatched the Dark palette I was in awe! The pigmentation to the shades! The powders are like butter and blend really well without having to go over and over with a clean to master your sculpting. I really hope these brands are available worldwide, You guys have to try these out to learn what i’m talking about. I’m glad that there’s brands such as this that think about women of color. We are able to all be chiseled to perfection with these. Whether your’e a cream or natural powder girl you can try both because they’re very affordable.