A fashion influencer whose intricate ‘surprise’ engagement proposal was revealed as an obvious stunt for sponsorship money has silently wedded at in a secret wedding ceremony. Marissa Casey Fuchs, 30, on Friday that she had wedded fiance Gabriel Grossman announced, also 30, at the City Clerk’s office in lower Manhattan throughout a one-month hiatus from Instagram. We didn’t expect the “for better, for worse” part of relationship to come so quickly but c’est la vie!

Fuchs said in response to the massive backlash within the revelation that the days-long scavenger hunt that led her to a fairy-tale proposal in Paris was a more elaborate stunt that were pitched to sponsors months prior. I married my lifelong love, encircled by people we love, and that is all that counts,’ Fuchs said. Following the June 22 video she posted of Grossman’s proposal, the revelation that the whole ordeal was staged drew a flood of negative feedback on Fuch’s Instagram account.

This is the most severe episode of dark mirror I’ve ever seen,’ one consumer commented. Fuchs had been sharing the facts of a scavenger hunt that her boyfriend sent her on with her Instagram supporters. The trip noticed her being gifted items, including clothing and several pieces of expensive jewelry, as well as being taken to Montauk and Miami, with the ultimate leg of the trip in Paris. However, since images of a deck outlining a complete itinerary and an invitation for brands to ‘align’ with the proposal surfaced, social media users following a luxurious proposal have accused the couple of staging the extraordinary ordeal.

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Images of the plans for the luxurious proposal show that each aspect of the proposal, down the short moment Gabriel programs on proposing to Marissa, who goes on the username @fashionambitionist on Instagram, have been planned precisely. One slip in the pitch deck reads: ‘This summer time, Marissa of @FashionAmbitionist shall be pulled into a surprise created by the center of her life, Gabriel. The deck carries a background of the couple’s relationship history, a complete itinerary of activities set out within the proposal, as well as information about Marissa’s Instagram account and her are a fashion influencer.

It also contains a slide entitled ‘journey to marriage’, which invites brands to sponsor the proposal. We’re very happy to offer your brand the chance to align with this momentous occasion and the stunning cities she’ll be visiting along the way,’ the slide reads. Other slides in the deck include a timeline of each event contained in the plan and the exact time it is scheduled to take place. However, the source did not touch upon whether or not Marissa acquired an input into its creation.

Since the deck was seen online, many of the fashion influencer’s supporters have accused the proposal of being an inspired ‘marketing’ stunt. Is this the most luxurious proposal EVER? One Instagram consumer commented on a photo Marissa distributed, saying: ‘Everyone who thinks this is real is a complete ditz. The picture saw Marissa posing in a white dress that she used in Miami, where she dined with relatives and buddies at Prime112.

Her caption on the image read: ‘STILL NO RING! Was completely stunned when I walked into Prime112 and Gabe’s family had not been there and mine too! Prime112 is Gabe’s family’s favvvorite restaurant, last time we were in Miami we ate at EVERY Prime restaurant. Instead the room was filled with my closest friends from UF,’ she added.

One user commented on the post, writing: ‘Oh man maybe you should look at the pitch deck to see what time another sponsored event in this engagement is! What makes you lying about everything? Your pitch deck is on Twitter,’ another consumer said. One man said: ‘If anyone desires to know exactly what will happen next with this fake trip for sponsored content, they made a pitch deck to market to all or any the brands that outlines the whole “journey”. However, it remains unclear whether or Gabriel or Marissa were successful in receiving sponsorship from brands for the proposal.

I’m crossing my fingertips these are all organic and you didn’t get payment from sponsors. Otherwise, all these content are not FTC-compliant. Another said: ‘Wow sure hope all of these articles are FTC compliant usually she’d maintain deep doodoo. Marissa’s friend, Elicia Blaine Evans, dealt with the accusations that the proposal was staged by the couple on Marissa’s Instagram stories. She said: ‘We found out that deck which i created with Jaclyn and Ali and Gabe and Staci is circulating.