Once you’ve finished creating your logo, it’s only natural that you want to show it off. Even though this can take a huge bite out of your marketing budget, there are actions you can take to get your new logo before your customers without spending a lot of money. For example, you can include your logo to your email signature. We’ve written about how you can certainly do that in Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail.

It’s easy, free, and gets your logo before anyone you send an email to. Click those links for more information. You can also create and print out inexpensive business cards with your new logo using the business card templates provided in Word and Pages (Apple’s word processor chip). While we generally recommend creating and printing business credit cards with our partner, PrintingNow, the web templates provided by Word and Pages offer a decent way to a small business owner on a tight budget. 1. The first step, of course, is to create a logo.

Our do-it-yourself logo design creation tool helps it is easy to make and purchase a new logo. You’re done Once, download either the simply .JPG or .PNG (recommended) files. Obviously, you don’t have to use the LogoMaker program to generate your logo, nevertheless, you shall need a little .JPG or .PNG document to add to your cards.

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  • Growing up in an orphanage honed his baseball skills
  • Developing Self and Others
  • Are you already wealthy

2. Next, open up a new record by selecting business credit cards from the layouts available in Word. If you are utilizing a .JPG document, you’ll want to choose a card with a white background. If you choose a colored history, you’re better off using a .PNG of your logo design as this file should have a transparent background therefore the card’s color can show through.

Many of the web templates Word provides already have a simple icon to them. If your card’s design has one, click on it, hit delete then. This will start a space where you can then place your logo. 3. Now using the Insert menu, choose Insert Picture from File. This will allow you to choose your logo file. Think it is using the browse function Simply, then click Insert. Word will place the file on your document, but it’s improbable to be the right size or in the right place, so we’re going to have to modify it a bit.

4. Next, click on your logo, that ought to select it, then click and move one of the edges of the document to change the scale. Depending on the size of the document you are using, you may need to shrink it a bit quite. Once it’s the right size, drag and drop it in the correct place on the first card design.

Note: Don’t use this solution to make your logo bigger or the document will look bad when it designs. Instead, use a more substantial quality. Since each template document includes several credit cards, you’ll need to duplicate the logo design picture several times (Control-C) and place it on the other cards in the template (Control-V).

If possible, use the guidelines Word provides to be able to put the logo design in the same place on each card. Be sure you add your name, address, and other contact information on your cards as well. If you authorized Term with your address and name, the program may preload them for you. You may need to do that on each separate card.