There are many benefits to investing in gold-backed crypto assets, whether you’re new or an experienced investor. These include universal acceptance and liquidity. They also provide security and transparency. The businesses that facilitate these transactions can be held to high standards by limiting your crypto assets to a certain amount of gold. They act as trusted custodians, and will ensure that your investment is safe. If you have any issues regarding where by and also how to make use of gold backed cryptocurrency, you are able to call us from our internet site.

DGX token

DGX is a gold cryptocurrency that represents one gram of gold. DigixGlobal is the Singapore-based issuer of the digital token. Its current market cap is approximately $1,183,000.867. visit the up coming website value of a single DGX is equal to one gram of gold, and it is stored in Canada and Singapore. A 1% fee will be charged to exchange the DGX for gold. Demurrage fees are also charged by the company. Ethereum is the only platform that accepts the digital token.

Xbullion token

If you are an investor looking for an alternative way to invest in gold, you may want to consider the Xbullion token. It is a digital gold token that is traded on Zipmex’s exchange platform. The company’s mission, according to the website, is to enable people to quickly and easily buy and sell bullion gold.

AUX coin

AUX Coin, a gold crypto, offers investors a seamless digital way to store gold and spend it. The cryptocurrency is supported by 1 gram of pure gold. AUX Coin customers receive a digital proof that the gold is there. It will grow in value over time. The gold is kept in high-security vaults. The AUX Coin can be downloaded on iOS and Android.


Auric is a blockchain-based asset that is backed by physical gold. Each coin has an intrinsic value of 0.001oz gold. This backing guarantees that the coin’s intrinsic value is constant from day one. The currency can be purchased and sold on exchanges. Investors can also convert it into gold at any moment using the Auric Market Structure. This ensures stability in the Auric coin price, even when gold prices fluctuate.


You’re here because you want to know if BullionCoin’s gold crypto is real. The Financial Services Authority of the Isle of Man regulates visit the up coming website business and has invested large amounts of private capital in infrastructure. This includes Trust companies that protect client assets, BCX/BCN exchange platforms and vaults, liquidity providers and many other things. BullionCoin’s regulatory status does not make it subject to the same risk factors as Bitcoin or Ethereum crypto-exchanges.

5 Gold Cryptos to Invest in 1

LODE Token

Although cryptocurrencies and gold aren’t often associated with it, LODE Token is a popular form of gold crypto. Based on the total number of Lode Tokens owned by the community, LODE Token holders get a portion of the net profits. Others do not get a share of the profits. The returns come from net profits across ALL of LODE’s business income streams, which include AGX and AUX sales. Every 52 days, payments are made.

AGX Coin

These cryptocurrencies track physical gold and are called gold cryptos. Each gold token has a value of 0.1 grams. They can be purchased or sold through the AABB Wallet on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Google Play Store. ANTHEM was one of the latest cryptos to be launched. It was released in April 2019. The ANTHEM Gold Edge Wallet supports ANTHEM token.


Paxos Gold is a cryptocurrency token that has backed gold. It is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum blockchain. PAXG’s price is directly tied to its value. PAXG users can redeem their tokens for physical gold through a network made up of gold dealers. You probably have any questions relating to where and ways to utilize gold crypto, you could contact us at our own internet site.