Melt Makeup products has turned out with a new palette, the two begin which is not in stack form. And I won’t be buying. To be completely honest, I did not think I would make this post. Because I really, really want the buy this palette. It’s completely different from the majority of releases, and it’s got a great color scheme that is also pretty neutral.

At least that was what I was informing myself. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I have not been too active on the blog recently, and there are a variety of known reasons for that. The major highlights are that I am working on some things for the blog behind the scenes, I’ve recently moved and my world has been around a certain amount of disarray, and I am experiencing some medical issues. But more than anything else, there just haven’t been many produces that I’ve experienced inclined to write about. Many YouTube personalities have lately launched their own brands, and I am so interested in none of them far. So there just hasn’t been a lot for me personally to create about.

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But then Melt announced the Gemini palette, and I became worked up about makeup for the very first time in months. If you have been a longtime audience of my blog, you’ll know that I am an enormous fan of the Melt Rust Stack. That one stack replaced each and every natural matte palette in my collection because none of them could compare to it.

I have also possessed the Love Sick Stack but ended up only keeping the color Love Sick. I really love Melt’s matte shades, and while the shimmers aren’t terrible, I just can’t stand them nearly as much. Gemini is Melt’s first palette not in stack form, and I think that makes a complete great deal of sense from a useful standpoint. The stacks are a pain truthfully, and they are so delicate that it creates traveling with them difficult.

Additionally, the stack format really only permits 4 or 5 shadows, so having a typical palette format allows the brand to turn out with something with 10 shadows. Most longtime readers shall also know that I am a whole sucker for a good mustard shadow. The best mustard is Bobbi Brown Camel, but Melt Rubbish is a detailed second. So you can only envision my pleasure when I noticed that Melt has created another mustard with a much more powerful yellow base. And that was the starting point of my brief love affair with Gemini. Typically, I take advantage of images like this as a tool to show me how much I don’t actually like or need a palette.

However, in this full case, this photo just reinforced how much I wanted this palette. It really is perfect, I thought, and I am going to buy it will be. But I’m not going to. Because of the price Mainly. 75, meaning if you buy any of their stacks or this palette, you’ll still won’t qualify for free shipping.

When you compare the cost of Gemini to other Melt Stacks, it actually seems such as a great deal. However, Gemini appears to come in cardboard product packaging, which is substantially less costly than the stack packaging. Gemini also doesn’t have the “gimmick” factor of the stack packaging, therefore the palette is put by it in immediate competition with other brands that produce similarly sized palettes.