Before you book an Egypt tour, make sure to verify the visa requirements. You may be required to obtain a visa before you enter the country, which you can easily get at the airport in Cairo. Your Egypt Vacation Planner can help you include the cost for your visa and any proceeds in your itinerary. To prove that you have entered Egypt, your passport must include an Egyptian visa stamp. Egyptian officials can block your entry if this stamp is not available. For those who have just about any inquiries concerning where and also the best way to make use of Egypt tour packages, you are able to e mail us in our internet site.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel Egypt offers a popular tour that includes a felucca riding, a traditional homestay and a Nile River cruise on a traditional felucca. You can sail, nap or pretend to be the captain of the felucca for the entire day. The captain and chef on the felucca are Nubians who will show you about the Sudanese-Egyptian cultural fusion.

Globus Tours

A Globus Tours Egypt trip includes a variety of services, including transportation, accommodations, and most meals. Your tour director will be a dedicated professional, and you’ll have the added benefit of skipping the long lines at popular tourist attractions and enjoying VIP access to some attractions. Wi-Fi access is available for free. Globus tours are a great way to see Egypt without having to plan everything yourself.

Felucca Odyssey

The Felucca Odyssey Egypt Tour is the ideal choice for a relaxing vacation along the Nile River. A traditional sailboat will allow you to sail along the Nile River with your friends and loved ones. The interior area can be used as a bed or sleeping space and accommodates up to twelve people. The boat doesn’t have any toilets onboard, but you will have plenty of opportunities to use the river for a shower, especially when you plan on getting wet.

Royal Egypt Tour

When it comes to Egypt tours, there are many to choose from. Most tour operators focus only on the main attractions of Egypt and don’t pay as much attention to the details. You can opt for a private, custom tour which includes a visit at the Valley of the Kings. Here you will be able to visit three of King Tut’s tombs. Other tour companies concentrate on Queen Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple or visit the Colossi Of Memnon which houses the famed mummy of Amenhotep IV.


Consider the advantages of guided tours before you book your Smartours Egypt tour. These tours offer commentary and recommendations based on your interests and activity level. With these tours, you’ll have a personal tour guide with local knowledge, who can answer any questions you may have along the way. smarTours offers a variety of additional value such as a customized tour and an Egypt map.

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