Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit or Snapchat, it’s likely that good that your employees are spending some time on at least one of these social networks during work hours. But before you run to IT and install company-wide web filters, there are a few facts to consider about your employee’s interpersonal media habits. Tisha Danehl, vice president of Ajilon Professional Staffing. Social media plays a right part in your office culture.

Thanks to sites like Facebook, the range between camaraderie and professionalism and reliability has blurred, regarding to Danehl. A study on social mass media at work from Ajilon discovered that 51 percent of people are connected using their boss on some sociable media platform, which can point to a breakdown between work and personal lives.

She records that it can also lead to difficult situations if an employee gets upset about what others are publishing, be it about the existing election or just an impression they disagree with. These workers might feel pressured by others to simply accept friend requests and to connect on platforms they’d rather reserve for his or her life beyond work.

If you want to avoid a lack of professionalism with public media in your business, you need to create guidelines, says Danehl. Social media insurance policies are considered a right part of your business culture, which means it requires to be part of onboarding and training; don’t assume they know the protocol.

And as a worker — if you are in the same vessel as the 16 percent in the Ajilon study who said they weren’t aware of their company’s stance on interpersonal mass media — ask someone. It’s easier to know what to expect going in, than to figure it out along the way and potentially make a public media faux pas.

Having a guide in place can also protect your organization if a legal issue arises, says Paul Menes, Co-Head of Digital and Entertainment Mass media at ADLI Legislation Group P.C. A good policy will outline what is considered appropriate clearly, and what isn’t appropriate, as well as the results of not following the policy; and ensure that you have each employee sign and read the document, he says.

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And the legalities around public media restrictions at the job go both ways — companies need to be cognizant of what they can legitimately block. Social media marketing rules and laws and regulations can vary from state to state, as this post on Law360 from Arthur V. Lambert, partner at FisherPhillips, highlights. For instance, if you choose a candidate’s profiles during the hiring process you will be open to discrimination suits, or you will probably find coworkers linking on social mass media leads to unwanted issues with harassment.

But the article highlights that getting the right vocabulary in your policy will help protect the company — and employees — when something goes incorrect. Breaks at the job are urged — get up for a walk around the working office, stretch your hip and legs and get a sit down elsewhere. Social media can be viewed in the same light; Pew Research found that 40 percent of employees at companies without restrictions had used sociable media to have a break from work. The analysis also found that workers were similarly likely to cite personal reasons for using social mass media as they were to cite work-related reasons.

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