Hi, Annon Thanks for writing if you ask me, Season in Oct 18 I’ve a very bad experience within my visit to Guangxi last. I used to be invited by my ex-colleague and I went with them. I thought that it was only a holiday trip to relax and have fun. However, when I there reach, it had not been what I expected.

She arranged for me personally to remain at her apartment on your day of arrival as well as for the next couple of days she brought me around to wait for the so-called brainwashing periods. WHILE I am to Singapore back again, I informed my child about my investment and she never explained to transfer hardly any money to them until she uncover what type of investment I am doing.

  • “Its so cheap; its a no-brainer, right?”
  • Have you seen a big change in the profile of customers and sellers in the past few years
  • Rebalance your stock portfolio exactly once each and every year (don’t do the Hokey Pokey)
  • 8 out of 100 kept 50% or even more of their portfolios in cash
  • My investment in gold was almost unchanged
  • 25 7.91% 12.89% 7.75% 5.15%

She asks me to produce documents and I told her I didn’t have any documents showing her. Her first instant is I am being fraud and explain that this is surely Ponzi structure cos I have to bring some friends there and have them get money. Then, my friend subject matter me to quickly transfer the money to Guangxi and I told her my daughter suggest me not to do so. I’ve learnt a very good lesson, rather than to trust anyone.

5. Lunch is For Wimps – This is behind this Gordon Gekko statement was probably lost on a lot of his audiences, however the man was making a good point with that one really. As an investment banker, it’s not always ideal to just await lunch meetings and scheduled talks to find opportunities to secure deals. Waiting for opportunities that might come could significantly decrease your productivity and performance never.

The world of investment bank is a competitive one – make sure that you head out there with a fiery fervor and look for all the opportunities you can take advantage of. The world is your oyster! 6. Apply, One-to-One Marketing – Competition is fierce as we all know in the investment banking world.

There are countless investment banking institutions available; how will you be sure a client would come up to yours to find funds for their functions? The answer is simple. Whenever you secure a client, no matter how small or insignificant the offer might seem, make sure you handle it with the best you have to provide. Investment banking means acting like you are the only one who can make deals, the only one capable of creating meaningful partnerships, and the only one who can make things happen. This real way, you can make sure that you’ll have a happy client each and every time. There are very a couple of things you can learn from fictional character Gordon Gekko. Take these smart tips with you on the next investment banking effort, and I am sure you’ll improve your success to the very least and perhaps skyrocket your success even more if you’re an overachiever!

Again, I really do not share the same excessive optimism of the management team of APTT. Leverage is a double-edged sword that slashes both ways always. 0.167 per unit includes dividend announced. 0.012 per device for FY2019 and FY2020, the dividend produce becomes 7.95% which is fairly decent as historical excessive dividends payout will be re-deployed back to the business enterprise as CAPEX investment.

Examples are some Reits which obtain local rental income in other currencies then distributes the income in SGD to shareholders. Watch out as their dividend yield may be affected. I say may be affected is because some of these companies actually fully hedge their distribution to a certain price of the SGD so that it is not suffering from the fluctuations of the SGD itself. As interest rates can be pegged and hedge to set rates, the exchange rate can to be hedged. For businesses which are export oriented, a more powerful SGD can make exports more expensive abroad and therefore may decrease the demand of the goods which are being sold.