Line and shapes will be the first elements of drawing that kids need to learn initially. Shapes and Lines practice is important as it boosts hand’s movement. Practice is very good for removing stiffness in hands. Stiffness is a big obstacle in drawing in kids. Continuous practice during the first 4-5 classes helps in understanding various kinds of lines and shapes. As we know most of the drawing is based on mere understanding and observation of shapes.

Lines helps in learning control on pencil. Kids are often trained in my drawing classes to draw lines and shapes continuously without lifting the pencil. There are many ways to teach kids how to draw various shapes, I’ll explain here what shapes are very important for kids to learn and some of the simple ways to teach children learning to draw shapes much better.

Circles and ovals – The main of all styles are circles and ovals as most of the drawings are based on these. Circles are at first difficult to learn for kids because they barely make appropriate circles but they should always be encouraged even if the shapes are not up to the mark.

After training circles coach them things around us and maybe some simple drawings based on circles and ovals like clocks, plates, ball, spoons, egg, simple faces, fruits, flowers, and many more. Trapezium and cylindrical – Trapezium the name is somewhat difficult for younger kids to keep in mind but that is definitely very important form for kids to learn. Triangles and cone – Super easy for kids to attract and help these to draw glaciers cream cones, pyramids, roofs, birthday caps, and textures.

Diamond and heart shape – These shapes are rarely used but helps kids to attract an apple, strawberries, heart form designs, kites, and textures. Clouds and star form – Clouds shapes are also very important, just as trapezium as this helps a great deal while drawing character moments specially clouds and trees, bushes, umbrellas.

Stars are in any case kids favorite but little difficult to get it right initially and are used for design or on greeting cards or for night drawing scenes. Semicircles and eye shape – These are very easy to draw and many things like fruits, moon, leaf, eye, umbrellas, fishes, and encounters can be attracted by using these shapes. 1. Give ready worksheets to kids to complete. Suppose you focus on group then provide worksheets which has lines of different width and few circles of each size already attracted. Now ask kids to complete such worksheets.

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2. Draw half part of each form and ask them to complete the shape. the same manner, you can also give few drawings like clocks etc about half attracted and relax they shall complete. This way they also learn symmetry. 3. Provide worksheets with just the small center circle drawn and ask kids to make circles for this of different sizes. Lines – The first two images clearly show how you can help kids learn types of lines.

Such practice worksheets I make almost daily for my students, they are for the newbies and younger kids must. Daily practice worksheets must be given to kids to complete. Let them do it again and again till you see they could do freehand. I make 4-6 boxes in a sheet of paper and draw few lines as well as for the others, I ask my students to complete. For long and short lines plan full web page worksheets.

Let them practice these regularly and introduce different types of lines to them. They may also be asked to draw short and long lines without lifting the pencil. They may also be asked to draw few textures by using lines, also you can try making worksheets where kids can mix different types of lines in a single. Standing range, sleeping lines, slanting, wavy, U shape, zig zag, crisp mix, dotted lines, rainy, curvy, blocks type C shape or inverted C form or whatever you can think of just add in your curriculum.