For me, any occasion means being able to switch off completely. Of course, taking a long break is impossible during the Formula 1 season, this season were only available in Melbourne in March and can result in Brazil in November which. Other than a few mini-breaks to the South of Italy or France, in November and December once i proceeded to go home to Australia my last major holiday was. I enjoyed a few days with the family in my own hometown of Queanbeyan, near Canberra, and I visited Tasmania also, which is an incredible area of the world.

It’s also where the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge is returning this December after a three-year break. It is a five-day experience across 220 mls of the island’s most magnificent landscape including trekking, mountain-biking, kayaking and going swimming – all of the outdoor sports activities I love. THE TASK is open to a maximum of 80 people, from total beginners to elite athletes.

People can enter as part of a team or as individuals. We’ve staged four of them up to now, and every one has been fantastic. Competitors range in age from their late teens to their mid-50s. Before, we have fascinated everyone from Olympic gold-medal winners to accountants and councillors. Among the celebrities who have taken part are rower James Cracknell, ex – Australian cricket captain Steve playing golf and Waugh player Pat Rafter.

Share The truly competitive guys love to stay at the front end of the pack, but there are a great number of tough women away too there. They have a higher pain threshold than men, are more resilient and do not whinge as much. For others, just competing is enough, but they surprise themselves at how well they is capable of doing when pushed always. It’s such an incredible experience. I reckon 60 % of individuals who’ve done it say it has transformed their lives. It can help that the camaraderie through the five times is amazing – back again at bottom camp each night, everyone is thinking about how everybody else does.

This is where the competitors swap stories of their experience thus far while they relax and recover prior to the next day’s exertions. Everyone uses the Challenge for different goals – for some it is merely to get fitter and lose weight. By enough time they finish, some people are unrecognisable, both physically and mentally, from when they signed up to compete. The finishing rate is exceptional.

Organisers supply competition kit, all meals, tents and specialist equipment such as kayaks, and there’s a full support team in attendance, including medics, massage therapists and mechanics. THE TASK also raises money for the Mark Webber Foundation, which has supported charities like the Leukaemia Foundation and the Save The Tasmanian Devil campaign.

It’s so satisfying to receive characters later on from people we’ve helped. I plan to take part in at least some of this year’s race myself. Itwill certainly help to keep me in shape – people don’t realise precisely how fit you need to be to operate a vehicle a Formula 1 racing car. It can be exhausting fairly. Within reason, I have to maintain my fitness all the time.

  • Decreased joint mobility and osteoporosis
  • Reduction of Workplace Injuries and Work Related Diseases
  • I can make sure I enter all my water and maybe just a little extra
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  • Body begins to burn body fat

I exercise and train every day for just two or three hours, and that includes when I’m on holiday. Unfortunately, I can’t tuck into too many milkshakes or eat too much ice cream after i am away. I must be cautious with my diet – it wouldn’t look good if I couldn’t match the car’s stickpit.

Fortunately, I love being active, and driving a Formula 1 car has helped me in other walks of life in terms of self-discipline and focus. I experienced a bad knee fracture a couple of years ago pretty, so working has taken a bit of a hit. However, I’d like to get into it back again.

I would like to complete a skydive one day, too. Taking yourself through something that will test you and emotionally is always very rewarding actually. And I would like to get my pilot’s licence. So long as I’ve done some kind of keep-fit activity during the day, the morning particularly in, i feel I can switch off and unwind down the road then.