David Garvin, a long-time HBS professor of business administration, was posthumously honored Sunday (March 4) for Outstanding Contribution to the situation Method by the Case Center. Weekend night Two awards ceremonies were kept. The Academy Awards, the biggest night in Hollywood, drew an incredible number of viewers (and, to the relief of PricewaterhouseCoopers, this time around there is no screw with the ultimate envelope). But also for MBA programs in Europe and the United States, the other awards program was a straight bigger offer: the situation Center Awards & Competitions, knowing outstanding case authors and educators from throughout the world. Like the Oscars, the entire case Awards value – and strive for – diversity in their nominees and winners.

And while that goal may be considered a work in progress in Hollywood, the Case Awards this year saw a remarkable diversity in winners, at least as it pertains to new colleges taking home honors. The traditional bastions of strong case writing, like Harvard Business School, were well-represented, too: HBS gained two awards, including Overall Winning Case for the third time since 2011, while INSEAD won three category awards and two contests.

The Case Center is a not-for-profit business and authorized charity. To be eligible for the awards, a case must have been registered during the last five years in the Case Center’s collection of more than 61,700 instances. Schools don’t have to be nominated or put themselves ahead, but an incident can’t have received the category in an earlier 12 months – aside from the overall champion.

The competitions, in comparison, derive from nominations, or schools forwards put themselves. A panel of international experts judges each competition. “Winning an incident Center award represents a higher accolade because case authors and institutions are effectively being judged by their peers worldwide – probably, using their students, the most significant group to impress,” McCracken says.

“The topics of winning cases also give us a unique annual understanding into what future business people are being taught. Cases on multinational business, and negotiating the new digital mass media landscape, remain well-represented, with many companies – Amazon, BP, Tesla, Unilever, Uber, and Zappos – showing up for another, third, or even fourth year. However in 2018 we also see a strong representation of dilemmas around ethics, sustainability, and the topical ointment issue of sexual harassment highly.

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This year saw the situation Center’s first posthumous honor. Long-time HBS teacher of business administration David Garvin, who succumbed to malignancy in April 2017 at age 64, was honored for Outstanding Contribution to the situation Method, a decision McCracken says was not problematic for the judges. Garvin was the C. Roland Christensen teacher of business administration at HBS and an associate of the Harvard faculty from 1979 until his loss of life. Few have contributed a lot to the practice and understanding of the entire case method of learning as David, McCracken says, both at beyond and HBS.

He was “an extraordinary and meticulous case writer” who authored more than 70 instances – around a dozen which feature as the most popular in HBS’s renowned case collection. As a complete case method scholar, Garvin published several books and articles on this issue, including the influential Education for Judgment: The Artistry of Discussion Leadership, co-authored with C. Roland Christensen and Ann Sweet.

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