Puppy Linux has a simple desktop operating-system user interface this means if you used Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and other desktop operating-system, you’ll know how to use Puppy without a lot of a learning curve. Puppy Linux can be used on slower computer systems since Puppy Linux was created to work with older computer systems with slower CPUs, video card, and less RAM. Puppy will be very fast on newer computers made in the last 5 or even more years.

On most computer systems, Puppy Linux begins up in about 1 minute even if your computer is slow. Puppy Linux also can be burned to older 650MB CD-R blank discs since it only uses about 100MB of space pretty much, which means you can also make a 128MB or larger USB portable flash drive preloaded with Puppy Linux.

One of the primary advantages of Puppy Linux is, it can even operate on a computer which does not have a difficult drive since Puppy Linux begins from a CD or USB flash drive. A hard drive is useful for keeping your changes and new programs you installed in Puppy Linux.

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You can even use Puppy Linux to recover documents from a damaged Windows hard drive which is still functional, but won’t book into Windows. If you know the location of the disease on a difficult drive, you can also use Puppy Linux to delete viruses from your personal computer. Puppy Linux also copies it’s entire operating system to your RAM for super-fast performance if you have sufficient free RAM copy the whole Puppy Linux to RAM. You’ll also use less power if you are using Puppy Linux on an older computer since old computers don’t use as much power when on because of slower computer parts.

But, Puppy Linux usually works very fast even on old computers in comparison to Windows which tend to slow down when it’s installed on a gradual computer. Puppy Linux is fantastic because it is small, fast, complete, and steady for a Live CD Operating System. Puppy Linux is also great for people with slower online connections since the ISO is just about 120 MB instead of 700MB like some Linux LiveCD. Puppy Linux also includes all the programs I need such as an indicated word Processor, Web Browser, Media Players, and many other programs I typically use.

It is also easy to install new programs in Puppy Linux with the GetPet program installer. AN INDIVIDUAL interface, and controls for Puppy are extremely simple to use also, or learn how to use. Puppy Linux also does not freeze or slow down much when I use it. What you shall need to begin using Puppy Linux on a computer, Netbook, or Laptop? Many older computers can run Puppy Linux, if you have a mature computer or laptop that can begin from a CD, USB flash drive, and USB hard drive you can run Puppy Linux.

You also need a CD-R or DVD-R blank disc, and CD or DVD Burner on your pc to burn off the Puppy Linux ISO to CD with CD Burning software. You can get a blank CD-R disc from most computer stores, and many computers nowadays have CD burners. CDBurnerXP is a free CD burning software which you can use to easily burn ISO data files to CD. If you wish to use a USB adobe flash drive, you may use UnetBootin which really is a program which enables you to make a USB live Flash drive with your pup Linux ISO by carrying out a few simple steps. You can even use UnetBootin to download your pup Linux ISO to remove to DVD.