I individually love data and analytics tools. But here’s the straight truth: you will need a lot significantly less than the analytics industry desires you to believe. Most experts shall make an effort to encourage you that you need an analytics tool for everything. More data is always a very important thing, right? I used to think that myself.

Over the previous few years, I’ve transformed my position on the entire analytics category. These days, I favor to keep things as easy as possible. A couple of tools is about all I need. Less infrastructure to about worry, fewer complexities to manage, and a less strenuous system for teams to use and act on.

First, I get my main tool in place, which is nearly always Google Analytics. EASILY need a true enterprise product, I use Adobe Analytics. I avoid installing any user analytics tools to begin – too much effort required for too little value. If you have a lot of user flows to boost, get a heatmap tool. The very best is Crazy Egg.

If you’re making SEO important, get an SEO tool. I use SEMrush, but also like Ahrefs. If you do a complete lot of conversion optimization and A/B testing, get an A/B testing tool. Once you’re large enough that it makes sense to consolidate all of your data into a single source of truth, get a real business intelligence function built out combined with the infrastructure to support it. I’ve spent a decade managing online marketing groups and websites with millions of visitors monthly. Part of that time I was the top of marketing at an analytics company: KISSmetrics.

Not to mention a huge selection of companies I’ve consulted for, the analytics accreditations I have, and a variety of amount of reporting and data projects I’ve handled over the entire years. Let’s reach the straight truth on these tools Now. Certainly, Google Analytics is the best analytics tool out there. While working at KISSmetrics, I did so a bunch of competitive research on Google Analytics. I’ve also done plenty of Google Analytics consulting over the years. A couple of few counter-intuitive insights I’ve learned about Google Analytics on the way.

First, people love Google Analytics. Individual satisfaction scores are sky high always. When I saw how happy users were for the first time, it appeared like an insurmountable challenge. Remember, I had been working at a competitor. Here’s the odd part though. Hardly any people actually use Google Analytics for anything other than checking the total traffic on the site. Quite simply, most people log into Google Analytics, look at one of the basic reports, determine just how many total people stopped at their site lately, and log out then. For a long period, I didn’t learn how to reconcile both of these facts: People barely use Google Analytics, however they also think it’s great.

How can both these things be true at the same time? It dawned on me that viewing total site traffic is an enormous ego boost. It validates our work. It feels great to see people visiting our sites. It seems so excellent that we’d be furious if Google Analytics ever turns off. That feeling is so powerful that people don’t need much else from Google Analytics. I used to think this is a problem. Look at everything that other data!

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Think of all the other insights that will increase your business! It’s right there in the other reports all! Now I’ve a far more nuanced understanding. Realistically, you’ll install Google you’ll and Analytics only use it to check your total traffic. And that’s totally okay. It’s still a major data point so that you can run your business and site. Plus, you’ll get the motivational boost that originates from seeing just how many people visit your site. If that’s so far as you ever take it, don’t feel guilty – you’re still getting a ton of value from Google Analytics. 1. You can view which traffic resources send you traffic.

All Traffic from the sidebar. I like seeing the exact sources that send traffic instead of broad channels, since it’s a bit easier to produce insights that are worth functioning on. 2. You can view which pages on your site enable you to get traffic with the WEBSITE LANDING PAGE report.