The Egyptians invented the eyeliner, the Victorians created many of the products we use, and Max Factor started contacting it makeup. The historic Egyptians wore makeup. Historians have found pots with small amounts of make up in tombs. What are some of the things created in 1995? What did estee Lauder invent?

She created perfume and make-up. Who developed eyes liner? When was gun powder invented in China? Chinese but it was done by them by accident in 1000ad first used for firework then reopens then fireworks again! Chinese but they did it unintentionally in 1000ad first used for firework then reopens then fireworks again! Who created the mouse trap game? Preston p5g made the game up on her behalf subject which was to make a game.kayleighs comments: it was very difficult to constitute. Why was perfume created?

The perfume was invented because Women in the early age groups placed on white make-up on the faces everyday, for this reason their skin began to rot but to hide the smell they developed perfume. What needs to be invented? A device that helps you make up your mind or a machine that can let you know what you can invent that is use full.

Why was the 1st car ever invented? It was developed to pull cannons to the fight field at swiftness of 2.5mph and would make frequent stops to let the steam build-up. Who invented tissues first? Why was the steamboat invented? The steamboat was invented to make it easier for people to motorboat up the river, before that, they had to row up the river and it was extremely exhausting, with the steam sailboat they didn’t have to row at all.

When was the very first machine gun created? Nobody knows for sure, but the dudes shall make up stuff. But, the good reason it was invented, WAS SO THEY COULD RAPIDLY SHOOTS MICHEAL GORMAN AND LAUGH SO DIFFICULT. Typewriter was invented by? KayyBadd add a space and twitterKizzy Badd holla! Why was waterproof mascara created? When were pick-up-sticks invented? Why as bullying created? Who invented constitute? Who created the first wind up the clock?

Why was the vehicle invented? Trucks were developed to replace the inability of trains to move materials where there have been no train songs. Trains were limited where vehicles were not. Trucks were able to take goods without being limited by a track anywhere. How did the telephone to make people’s life easier? Who developed the first steamboat engine? Why was Singlish created?

Because Singapore is made up of English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil speaking people, they mixed their languages to make Singlish. Why did he invent the atom? Nobody ever invented atoms. Atoms have been with us for almost so long as the universe and constitute anything that has mass. Who developed the wind up torch? Trevor Graham Baylis developed the wind-up torch. Why was the toaster created? The toaster was created to warm up/bake breads and other grains.

As a much better way to make toast! Breads happened over the open fire to toast it Previously. But as technology advanced toasters became possible and in 1872 the first ever one was invented by Maddy Kennedy. Why was the apparatus developed? Gears were developed to make working easier. Why were machines invented? Machines were created to make work easier.

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Why did Frank in fee invent bubblegum? Who invented Mac constitute? Frank Angelo, a beauty salon owner, and Frank Toskan, a professional photographer, founded Makeup Art Makeup products (M.A.C.). In Braille, how come the notice the only letter made up in one dot? Who created the knife and why? Knives have been found dating back again to homo sapiens made from flint to carve up meats and to make other items such as clothing. What 8 planets were recognized to constitute the solar system before the telescope was created? Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

What will the immediate environment decluttering mean? Appears like one of those phrases developed by politicians to make clearing up sound more technical. What leader was around when mascara was invented? Make-up has been around since before there have been any US presidents long. However the expressed word mascara began to used for a new type of make-up about 1885. That means the president was Grover Cleveland or Benjamin Harrison.